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Discover our children's fancy dress costumes

Welcome to the magical world of kids costume! We believe in the limitless imagination and sheer joy that little ones feel when they put on a kids costume. Whether it's for a bewitching Halloween party, a colourful carnival, a fun fair, a fancy dress party or simply to give free rein to their creativity, we've got everything you need to brighten up your little ones' days with our range of kids costume.
Whether it's a girl's costume, a boy's costume, a teenager's costume or even a baby's costume, our collection of kids costume is complete.

Our selections of Kids costume

Our girls' fancy dress costumes are a veritable ode to enchantment. From sparkling Disney princess costumes to mischievous fairies and brave heroine costumes, your little girl will be able to embody her favourite characters and experience fantastic adventures thanks to our girls' fancy dress costumes. If she's a unicorn fan, you can opt for our unicorn costumes. You can find our entire selection of girls' fancy dress outfits directly on our website.

For little adventurers, our boys' costumes offer a wide range of possibilities. From knight disguises to fearsome pirate disguises, legendary superhero disguises or power rangers disguises, your little boys will be transformed in the blink of an eye and plunged into exciting worlds. For more choice, you can go directly to our website where you'll find a whole selection of boys' costumes.

And we haven't forgotten teenagers, who have their own tastes and styles. You can find a whole selection of teenage fancy dress outfits. Because teenagers change sizes quickly, we've got cheap fancy dress for you. Your child loves Marvel, so you can find them the best Marvel fancy dress. If, on the other hand, your teen is more into manga, they can choose one of our Manga Cosplay costumes. For a wider choice, you can find all our teenage fancy dress costumes on our website.

Because there's no age limit for dressing up, in addition to our kids costumes, we have a collection of baby costumes. You can dress up your adorable baby in a cartoon costume to make him or her the cutest baby ever. See our entire collection of baby costumes on our website.

Whatever the age of your child, you're bound to find a fancy dress costume to suit him or her.

Our children's fancy dress costumes for the holidays

Halloween is one of the most eagerly awaited occasions for children, and our children's Halloween fancy dress costumes are ready to transform them into strange and fun creatures. From scary witches to giggling zombies and trickster ghosts, your kids will be the stars of the most mysterious night of the year. You can find a whole selection of Halloween items on our website.
One of children's favourite holidays is Carnival. Carnival is another festival full of colour, laughter and festivities, and our carnival children's fancy dress costumes reflect the joyful spirit. With our colourful costumes, they'll have an unforgettable carnival and take away precious memories.

You can also find all our disguises for birthday parties. When you think birthday, you think party and fancy dress. Find all our birthday fancy dress outfits now.

What could be better than celebrating a birthday party with costumes that add an extra dose of fun? Our children's fancy dress costumes are perfect for games and fun activities. From intrepid superhero costumes to adorable cartoon costumes to talented athletes, your children will be ready to take part in any activity with enthusiasm and energy thanks to our children's fancy dress costumes.