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Contents: 1 ash blonde wigThis short ash blonde wig is suitable for costumes for adults and...

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Product description : Katsuki Bakugo™ Wig - My Hero Academia™

Contents: 1 ash blonde wig

This short ash blonde wig is suitable for costumes for adults and children featuring Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku Midoriya's rival from the manga and the anime My Hero Academia™. Like the character's hairstyle, the wig has short ash blonde hair that points upwards at all angles of his head.

Katsuki Bakugo, nicknamed "Katchan" by Izuku, is a high school student at Katsuki High School. Yuei and is the oldest student in Second A. As Izuku's rival, his dream is to become the most powerful hero in order to dethrone All Might, Izuku's icon. Arrogant and aggressive, Katsuki seems more like an anti-hero, especially since when he was little he attacked Izuku who was born Quirkless. However, he would later become an outstanding professional hero. One of his most famous lines is: "We don't wait for a flaw, we force it by acting."

This wig will complete your Katsuki Bakugo costume for a birthday, a student party , carnival or festival.

Officially licensed My Hero Academia™ wig

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